YouTube Loses Major Advertisers Due to Distasteful Videos

YouTube Loses Major Advertisers Due to Distasteful Videos

Some of the biggest brands in the USA pulled hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising from Google and YouTube last night as the scandal over extremist content reached the internet giant's home country.

Last week, the British arm of the French firm Havas SA withdrew ads for clients in the United Kingdom from YouTube and the Google Display Network. The news marks a major crisis for Google as the two companies spend a total of more than $3.5 billion on measured media each year in the US alone, according to Kantar Media.

Verizon also told CNBC it pulled some ads from the platform after learning that they were appearing on "non-sanctioned" websites. He also predicted YouTube would be able to address advertisers' concerns through Google's recent advancements in artificial intelligence - technology parlance for computers that learn to think like humans.

A Times of London report on Wednesday showed that Verizon ads were displayed next to a radical Egyptian cleric who is banned from the US. "Until Google can ensure this won't happen again, we are removing our ads from Google's non-search platforms", an AT&T spokesperson told Recode today.

"Overall, we think that the problems which have come to light will have global repercussions as United Kingdom marketers potentially adapt their United Kingdom policies to other markets and as marketers around the world become more aware of the problem", Brian Wieser, an analyst with Pivotal Research Group, wrote in an investor note this week.

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"Publicis Media is committed to being at the forefront of rigorous brand safety, viewability and verification standards and protocols", wrote a spokesperson for the holding company's Zenith unit, which serves as Verizon's media agency of record.

"As you probably know, programmatic buying is a relatively new advertising 'science, ' and has only become mainstream within the last four or five years", a statement read.

Mr. Cohen said his company is asking for more specifics about the brand safety measures Google said it would implement, and that it wants Google to be more accessible to third party companies that verify the safety of web ad inventory on behalf of brands.

AT&T, Verizon and several other major advertisers are suspending their marketing campaigns on Google's YouTube site after discovering their brands have been appearing alongside videos promoting terrorism and other unsavory subjects. "We are encouraged by Google's steps over the past few days to take action and will continue to work with them to make further progress in developing adequate safeguards to ensure that advertisers are not placed in this position". In Alphabet's latest earnings, advertising revenue was $22.4 billion, while its total revenue for the quarter was $26.1 billion.