Meals on Wheels' support soars after Trump eyes cuts

Meals on Wheels' support soars after Trump eyes cuts

Lisa Solley, director of communications for Area Agency on Aging 11, said her agency receives money through the Older Americans Act to provide home-delivered meals to residents in Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana and Ashtabula counties. Piper-Finley said Meals on Wheels People's main source of funding is the Older Americans Act and that funding was reauthorized last fall.

The press release pointed out that "the proposed 17.9% cut prescribed for HHS" could impact the Meals on Wheels program. The branch in San Jose, Calif., would lose $100,000. Other federal funding support may include a combination of funds via the Community Development Block Grant, Community Services Block Grant, or the Social Services Block Grant.

Moreover, by visiting seniors daily, Meals on Wheels staff members and volunteers provide safety and health checks. "And I think it's fairly compassionate to go to them and say, 'Look, we're not going to ask you for your hard-earned money anymore ... unless we can guarantee to you that that money is actually going to be used in a proper function.' And I think that is about as compassionate as you can get".

While things may change with the potential future budget cuts, for now, people like Gipple know when they will get their next meal. Meals on Wheels services began before the neighboring Cascade Park Community Library was constructed.

Meals on Wheels is a decentralized organization with a network of 5000 senior nutrition programs.

Cuts to the program nationally could have unforeseen consequences, she said.

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Local Meals on Wheels branches fundraise independently, with some telling BuzzFeed News that they have also experienced similar spikes in donations.

Bertolette said money was still pouring in and would help support existing advocacy efforts, such as researching of nutritional meals benefiting seniors and convincing Congress that access for seniors to federal nutrition programs must be improved.

Graham also disputed Trump's claim he had been wiretapped by the Obama administration during the 2016 presidential election, a claim he repeated again Friday standing next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who herself had been subject to news headlines in 2013 that her cellphone may have been breached by the Obama administration. In a ideal world, taxpayers would not have to fund the program and it would run exclusively on the donations of generous people, but we do not live in a flawless world as illustrated by the election of Donald Trump.

"I hope that we don't ever have to break them that news", said Fiore, who added that, for now, he and his staff are unsure of what to expect.

Others pointed out that the cuts to a number of welfare programmes were being made to balance out a significant increase in defence spending, or to the estimated cost of Melania Trump's decision to stay in NY so son Barron did not have to change school - somewhere in the region of $300,000 per day. "They start a conversation, and they really care about the person", she said.

"We must stand together to fight for American values and say no to the Trump budget". Unfortunately for him, history is not going to be kind to the man who only won the White House because of his vocal racism, bigotry, misogyny and overall hateful platform.