Republicans concede healthcare bill must change in order to pass

Republicans concede healthcare bill must change in order to pass

Chairman Diane Black of Tennessee will hear about a half-dozen procedural motions during the hearing Thursday before moving to vote on the legislation, where conservative rank-and-file Republicans will have their shot to steal the national spotlight.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., declined to commit to bringing the measure to the House floor next week, a fresh indication of uncertainty. Collins' opposition leaves the bill short of the support it needs in the Senate unless it changes, since GOP leaders can only lose two votes. Shoring up the law's individual markets should take precedence over changes to Medicaid, they said, so that some individuals now covered by that program could be shifted to private coverage. Walker said he now supported the bill. The RSC also was told, according to a GOP aide, that states were given the option to receive block grant funding rather than per capita funding.

The American Health Care Act has been a controversial bill introduced to replace Obamacare, with many Republicans not caring for it, but now President Trump may be trying to bend a bit to satisfy.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price told House Republicans that one of the changes being considered is allowing states to impose work requirements for Medicaid recipients, an adjustment that could win over some conservatives, The Hill reported.

"And we're going to take care of people at all levels", he said.

Failing to pass a bill while his party controls both the House and Senate would be a devastating blow to his party and the premise of his presidency - that he was a dealmaker the country needed. He says the bill would also cause the Medicare trust fund to dry up four years earlier than expected, pinching state budgets and pricing many seniors out of insurance.

House Republicans, optimistic they can cobble together enough votes to approve the plan, are set to vote Thursday on the replacement bill, CNN reported.

Representative Justin Amash, another member of the Freedom Caucus, tweeted: "Absolutely not true that conservatives have flipped to yes on the health care bill".

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But that idea was met with widespread concern: Republican lawmakers feared that repealing Obamacare without an alternative in place would be irresponsible as a policy matter, as well as politically risky. "It remains a disaster".

Ryan, the chief proponent of the plan, acknowledged the challenges of winning over lawmakers.

"They're buying off people one by one with these little changes", said Rep. Raul Labrador.

"I recognize and appreciate concerns about making sure people have access to coverage", he added.

Democrats have roundly rejected the Republicans proposal, saying it harms the poor, elderly and working families while offering tax cuts to rich Americans and companies.

Trump's comments came after a meeting with members of the Republican Study Committee, a caucus made up of about 170 more conservative lawmakers. Republicans do themselves and their country no favors by rushing forward with a plan that could turn already problematic patient care into a chaotic mess.

The GOP bill - the American Health Care Act- would repeal major elements of Obama's law, cap future federal spending on Medicaid for low-income people, and reverse tax increases on wealthy Americans used to finance coverage expansion. Obamacare expanded insurance to about 20 million Americans.