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Lastly, Google Play Music will be integrated into Samsung's new virtual assistant Bixby when it launches later this spring. The deal is good for Google Play Music too. That's why we've teamed up with Samsung , the world's largest Android smartphone maker, in a partnership to make it even easier and faster for Samsung customers to get the right music no matter where they are or what they're doing.

This rises to two-thirds among medium-sized (66%) and large companies (68%). "Just over half, or 51% of all organisations surveyed said they tend to be alerted to possible breaches by external parties before they detect it themselves". The Government's survey finds that that breaches frequently result in a financial cost to the business. Web giant Yahoo and telecoms firm TalkTalk are among the major organisations hit by cyber attacks in recent years.

Aso apparently had in mind the situation involving North Korea and the first round of voting in France's presidential election, in which a focal issue is the country's possible withdrawal from the European Union. While it was still desirable for the United States to join the TPP, Japan was open to negotiating a TPP deal with 11 nations excluding the United States, Aso said.

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Changes outlined in the "Buy American, Hire American" order include a revamp of the H-1B skilled-worker lottery program. Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday to review and reform the program. Employers from Walt Disney World to the University of California in San Francisco have laid off their tech employees and replaced them with H-1B visa holders.

The German automaker pleaded guilty conspiracy to defraud the United States and its customers in the country and to violate the Clean Air Act using cheating software to circumvent emission testing; and obstruction of justice for destroying documents related to the scheme.

If you weren't a Twitch partner , you couldn't directly monetize your stream, guarantee that your stream would be transcoded, and so forth. At launch this month, Twitch will invite creators to join the program who fit the criteria, based on time spent streaming, viewership, and followers.

In fact past year the company launched the GoPro Omni which is basically a rig that comes with multiple GoPros attached to it, but unfortunately it had a price of $5,000 which made it a bit expensive for many photographers. Let us know what you think of the GoPro Fusion in the comments . The company just announced the pilot program for Fusion, its new spherical 360 Degree VR 5.2K camera.

EXXON The Treasury Department will not give permission to American companies, including Exxon Mobil Corp, to drill for oil in areas prohibited by USA sanctions on Russia, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says. Ryan's call for a border-adjusted tax on companies' domestic sales and imports could help with that problem. It remains to be seen whether the president's recent remarks on the concept signal that he'll support import tariffs instead - that is, taxes levied on specific goods or ...

Do you fancy playing the Saints Row games offline at any time anywhere in the world without spending a lot of money? All you need is a free GoG account, then click on the banner on the home page. This will not alter your Steam copies, it just allows you to download the games from GOG without any DRM hooked in. This is ideal for people who'd like a DRM free version of the game but already have the game on Steam.

Chelsea skipper Terry announced last week that he is leaving Stamford Bridge at the end of the season after 19 years, 713 appearances and 14 major honours. I think the right position for John when we play with three central defenders is in the central position where David Luiz is playing. The 31-year-old was admitted to hospital on Tuesday after training and released on Thursday following treatment and tests but the Blues boss says it is "very difficult" for Cahill to be ready for the cup ...

She is engaged to the social network's co-founder Alexis Ohanian . Williams' rep, who confirmed her pregnancy to ET, told Reuters that she will not be competing for the rest of the 2017 season as she prepares for her little one to arrive in the fall.

F-22s to intercept them. There is a classified set of criteria for determining which Russian bomber flights need to be intercepted and which don't. The Russian planes remained in worldwide air space the entire time. The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement obtained by CNN that the flights have been conducted with regard to worldwide regulation and have not violated USA airspace.

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